I am Apenkin Denis and I’m a copywriter. (Actually, I prefer another spelling – Apionkin – well, it’s just     all about that ever-problematic Russian letter “ ё ”, you know).

    Over the years, I have changed several professions in different walks of life but time and again writing     took me to where I seem to belong – to the field of composing things.

    I used to be an official (I worked for some local government), a translator (translated four published     books), an editor, a proofreader and a SEO-copywriter (as a freelancer), an analyst and marketer (got     really interested in statistical studies and marketing mechanics) and still I’ve always returned to writing.

    Scripts, copies, product pages, texts... Words. Words that mean something and express something. The     craft of making others see what one has in mind. Words by some creative geniuses changed my way of     thinking that is why I believe in the power of words.

    Anyone interested in collaboration can easily contact me by mail -

    Thx for dropping in!