Runway 4.0

“Structure Culture” takes inspiration from the simple yet complex people of Tibet. Tibetan culture is very religious and traditional, thus, based around structures: monasteries, areas of worship, statues, and sculptures. Their humble lifestyles do not hinder the vibrant textiles worn throughout the population, however. Earthy existence, spiritual values, and colorful festivities combine to create the Tibetan aesthetic. *Computer-aided design and print development

Buffalo Loves Cotton

“On the Boardwalk” Buffalo’s waterfront welcomes a variety of people, ideas, and cultures. On the boardwalk, one may find families, couples, and individuals sitting on benches basking in the beauty of the canal on the edge of the industrial city skyline. This atmosphere, a reflection of growth and development, provides views of ships and boats setting sail towards the fluffy clouds on the horizon. The clouds characterize cotton, always seen and always comforting. Cotton itself represents both industry and a pleasant disposition. It is varied, soothing, and offers an easiness only this cellulose fiber can accomplish. For these traits, cotton has a strong place in the lives of people in Buffalo, and creates a culture of inspiration. Target market: Young women (ages 16-29) sportswear *Computer-aided design and print development