Jesmond Dene

A selection of images from my architectural design of a nature inspired pavillion for Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne. The brief for the project was to create a exhibition and performance space using timber as the primary material. This design was the runner up in the annual TRADA timber tectonics competition.

Middlesbrough Film Arc...

A design for a new film archive and cinema for the border of the "no mans land" cross over between Middlesbrough and Middlehaven. The design was inspired by the industrial heritage Middlesbrough is synonymous with.

Montessori Primary School

A design for a unique primary school which caters for the needs of the Montessori Pedagogy. The site for the design was located just outside Gateshead.

The Garage

An unemployed building for the unemployed. This "Non" Working Man's Club was a project with the ideals of using a disused building as social and educational centres for the unemployed, reflecting the initial idea of working men's clubs. The architectural plan was drawn to have a flexible social space on the ground floor with a skills exchange zone and resource area in the more private spaces upstairs. The design uses many of the existing features of the original building and employs a light touch approach.