Due to the rapid development of ice equipments, nowadays there are a great variety of ice machines selling in the market. Apart from the concern of price, in order to find a good quality tube ice machine, you still need to take some aspects into consideration. 

tube ice machine

  • Energy-saving: Energy-saving is one of the very important standards to estimate the quality of the commercial ice machine. Choosing an energy-saving tube ice machine can largely help you saving the operation cost. Moreover, an energy-saving machine means that its wear and tear is low and therefore it can have a long service life.
  • Material: The material which the tube ice machine uses is also very important. Usually speaking, stainless steel 304a is the ideal choice for it is anti-corrosive and won't get rusted easily. But you have to be careful that some bad quality stainless steel may not be able to meet your expectation. 
  • Warranty: To guarantee the benefits of the customers, every manufacturer should give at least one year of warranty. But some reliable would offer even longer warranty period to their customers since they have strong confidence on their products. 

In brief, it is not suggested to buy the tube ice machine which is low-priced yet very low quality. It is always better to look at things in the long run. Apart from taking the aspects above into full consideration, you still also need to give certain maintenance to the ice machine in order to make sure it can produce ice for you as long as possible.