Argyle Deli

logo to package design.

Drawing and painting

pencil drawings, water colors.

Exhibition 2009

"floating in wonderland" The art and design exhibition held in tokyo in 2009 summer.


poster, ads etc.

Skype Redesign

Personal project; 2009 spring Redesigned the identity system of "Skype" and created some packaging and webdeisgn images.

Chocolate factory

School project: Intermediate Typography fall 2008 Redesigning a book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

American Life

Personal project: Spring 2009 Each post card expresses the idea about "American life," how international students who are studying in the US think about living in the U.S.

Animal Rights

School project: fall 2008

Exhibition Design

School project: fall 2008 Designed tord boontje's exhibition catalog, invitation card, and poster.