My name is Amber Lee Vann. I am a photographer, this is my side job while I work as a waitress/hostess at Mongolian BBQ. I am in college and finishing up my associates degree in General Business to support the business side of my up and coming photography business, A. Lee Photography. I have been doing photography as a side job for roughly four years now, along with school and my main job.

I enjoy capturing photographs for not only myself but also for others to see. I am experienced in portrait, nature, architectural, abstract photography, and everything in between. In my editing, I utilize multiple photo editing programs including Lightroom, PhotoScape, and Photoshop for the more complex projects. I love to edit photos but no worries, I love original non-edited photos too and you as a client would get both!

Thank you for taking some time to read a little about my career. I hope you enjoy my work and hopefully will hear from you for some work!

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Contact Information:

Amber Vann

Boise, Idaho

Phone: 208-871-6628