Fashion Show

I was in the annual Philadelphia University Fashion show twice. The first time I was a sophomore and the last time was for my senior year.


All of these photos were edited using Adobe Photoshop.

Junior Year

My garments were created under restriction of the type of garments I could make. Two were done in my Advanced Patternmaking class and the others were created in my Problem Solving class. In this class we must create our looks with using unconventional materials.

Collection I

My inspiration for my collection was the Caliope hummingbird. I was literal with the colors I used. My three garments are to show the hummingbird in flight with adding volume to the next garment.

Collection II

My inspiration for my collection was Janis Joplin. When I started I focused more on her. But as I continued I focused more on festival wear in general, keep key details like bell sleeves, full skirts and natural fabrics that she embraced.