FTT 304 - Native Nomad

Native Nomad was developed as part of FTT 304 (Pattern Development for the Industry) and in preparation for Runway 4.0 (Spring/Summer 2011 Student Show). The theme of 4.0 was Fashion Diversity Mash, with four subcategories--of which Melting Pot was choosen for this project. For this fashion product development two cultural influences were used and mixed to created Native Nomad; American Indian and Polish folk art. Wycinanki is a traditional form of paper cutting dating to the mid-nineteeth century. The high contrast aesthetic of Wycinanki was melded with American Indian motifs to create prints that played with the viewers perception of space, depth and dimension.

Buffalo Loves Cotton P...

Organic Optimism was inspired by the spirit of Art Deco, the organic forms of the cotton bol unfolding and iconic Buffalo Architecure. As an art form, Art Deco is based on mathematical geometries and streamlined aestetics. This collection melds motifs found in local architecture with the blossoming cotton bol. The prints are meant to reflect the optimism and spirit brought on by the advent of the cotton gin, other new technologies and the expanding travel opportunities that were synonymous with the Roaring 20’s.

MASS APPEAL 2010 Weara...

I created a piece of wearable art for the MASS APPEAL, the fashion show to benefit the Elmwood Village. Each designer was paired up with a local company and was required to use supplies that they use in their everyday business. I was paired with IGNIGHT Building Services and chose to use industrial mop heads as my medium. I hand dyed the mops, wove then into fabric on a table loom and created my garment from the yardage. I was inspired by the recent movement back to art and craft. I used numerous yarn manipulation techniques when weaving the yardage to create textural elements throughout the garment.

RUNWAY 4.0 Development

My Development so far on RUNWAY 4.0

TechNoir Baroque

Color Print Collection created in NED GRAPHICS Design & Repeat and Easy Color.