John's Office

Based on his sketches and ideas, I sort of "pimped" my friend's office. Colorful and funkiness symbolizes a Design lecturer's office equipped with DVD, Plasma TV, tree branched design shelves, tree looking coat hangar and graphical paintings which will make John never leave his room to teach.

Harbour Concept

Harbour concept for Inai Kiara.

Green Kitchen

Browsing through some interior magazines, I was obsessed with their designs,creativeness, inspiring themes and looks. Then I decided to model a kitchen interior with a modern theme. Rendered using Vray and HDRI maps. Took me an hour an a half for each image to render. I enjoyed working on this file.

Dark Wooden Kitchen

Modeled and rendered for a client in Singapore. The only challenge was my hardware limitation, which on my office computer took half an hour but my computer took me 4 hours to render!!

experimental sunlight ...

While i was driving back from work,my area is full of tall trees along the way and sunlight bursting through the branches and leaves. I wanted to create Volumetric Lighting (rays of light mixed with fog) but using a IES Sun for volumetric isn't practical at all,the goal was to achieve a bright afternoon cruising a car while the shadows of the trees and leaves cast the road. The grass I used Vray Displacement, tree models with material and texture of leaves(bumped,opacity and displace) while the 350Z car is from my 3d library. This is what I got,I think the sun is too bright..looks noon then an afternoon.

Ms Suraya's Garden Mak...

This garden makeover is based on a Bali concept. There were so many things that she wanted to add but due to budget constraints, this is what we came up with.

Portable Cabin for sit...

These cabins are designed to be mobile and can be dismantled and build easily. Each cabin can accommodate up to 30 workers. There are 2 versions,metal and wood.

Dredger Ships: Inai Ix...

These are the ships i modeled for my company based on their plans and layout. (the autocad drawing was so complex!) It took me some time to model and if i had more time i could do even more detail. but the higher ups wanted it in 2 this is what you get. imagine what i can do in one week. But later on I did refined them and currently concentrating on one ship to make it more real and detailed. By the way the ships do look identical, difference is just by the name. Liatri and Ixora share the same design. Jasmine and Safron is also the same design except for Seroja and Kenanga are different designs. P.S: i had to model 4 ships in 2 days!! :(

Putrajaya Mosque

This is the Putrajaya Mosque in Malaysia modeled for Rapid Prototyping (3D printing) ,that is why I didn't put in such details,environments and etc. This is rendered using scanline rendering,skylight and light tracer. Many request me to render in Vray and put some environment,cars, people and others. Hmm..if I have the time,maybe I will.

Porada Minimalist Concept

Just did this during my freetime, a minimalist modern dining set.