Hello Everyone!!

   I am a designer of sport clothes in Kyiv (Ukraine). I love to create, and I have been designing products my entire career, working in the  corporate design for over 6 years at EASTPEAK, Melba, Devison.

   I began my career as a tailor, working for various fashion companies. Then I gradually grew as a designer. In the EASTPEAK I learned the ins  and  outs of the fashion industry. Most importantly, I learned how to develop an idea into a product  that sold in hundreds of stores.

   One of the greatest skills I acquired while working with large fashion companies is how to combine business with design: create unique and  fresh products, research target customers and develop products that fit their needs, design high quality  products within strict budgets, manage  ongoing communication with factories in Asia, create technical sketching and develop patterns.

                                                 I welcome the opportunity to work in a new environment and collaborate with talented, interesting, and creative people.